February 20, 2018

Statement Regarding School Safety

Recent events in our world, including the tragic incident in Florida just last week have prompted all of us to consider the safety of our schools and students. While Hall County Schools have taken proactive steps in recent years to provide a safe learning environment for students, it is increasingly apparent that we can never rest or take for granted the security of our greatest resource and blessing – our children. It is my belief that there are few safer places for students and teachers than a Hall County School. The Board of Education, over several years, has installed security entrances at each facility which funnels visitors into the school’s main office where they are asked to provide a photo ID so that an instant background check can be performed before allowing any visitor on campus. Additionally, each school has emergency preparedness plans which are updated annually and tailored to the distinct needs of each facility. Further, each middle and high school is staffed by a fulltime, armed and trained deputy sheriff.

While all of these are great things that can give us a sense of security, there can never be enough training or planning to prepare for a tragic event caused by the hands of evil. In order to combat such threats, the method of community policing and open lines of communication between students, staff and parents alike must be of paramount importance.

I am personally thankful that the incident last Friday, February 16, 2018, was handled immediately by trained professionals and that no one was harmed. I am open to any measures that may better protect our students and staff from violence and harm. Our community should not rule out anything in order to accomplish better school safety.

For more information regarding Hall County Schools Safety and Security, please see the school district’s website here.

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